Saturday, May 09, 2015

Next Class

We will be drawing Darcy Art and Sole on the next Coffee and Art in the Morning Live Ustream show. Coffee and Art in the Morning
This time I will have you grid out the drawing before coloring with color pencils.

Don't panic! Just bring a clear page protector, a ruler and a Sharpie or other permanent marker, along with a print out of the photo above.

Remember, all the steps will be uploaded to my YouTube channel after each class:
Dede Willingham YouTube Channel


Kia said...

looking forward to doing darcy after I finish Amelia. Thanks so much for teaching us DeDe

Cindy B said...

20150513 - Loved today's stream! It looks so inviting, several of us want to move in! Still finishing up on Amelia and hope to finish her and start Darcy before Mon. Hugs, Cindy