Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One on One Challenge : Jordan

Here is my one on one color challenge I did with the colors Jordan chose for us:

Navy Blue, Hot Pink, and Yellow
I decided to do a collage 9x11 I call "Sail" for this challenge.

Jordan is a wonderful young artist with tons of ambition, bright, witty and just plain fun.
Check out her great blog for many tips and lots of inspiration:


Thanks Jordan for the challenge!


Jordan said...

Awww... Dede. :) I love it. Beautiful. I love the guitar. And the background picture. And everything else. :) Thanks for doing this with me!!

inki said...

Thanks Jordan, it was inspiring and a fun challenge! Thanks for the idea!

Dale Anne Potter said...

GREAT collage Dede!
I can just imagine YOUR story to go along with this....
Have to say tho, the pink is barely visible compared to Jordan's....LOL!

Anonymous said...

beautiful!! you two work good together.