Saturday, March 05, 2011

Poem From Fiona..Thanks!

Talented, creative and generous too
And of course a WONDERFUL Nana to Boo.
Many hours we've all spent enjoying her

Ustreams -
Coffee and Art
It's always a privilege to watch and take part.
With laughter and drAAAwings, we're always inspired
To create and enjoy all the art we desire.
She teaches us all from young through to old,
"Practise, keep trying, you'll get there" we're told.
She teaches us how to collage and paint,
With rip-age and tear-age its fun to create.
We all love you Dede and thank you a ton-age
With love and affection and plenty of hug-age!!



Sharon said...

OMG!! Is that the best or what?? Fiona is a genius, since everything she said is sooo true-age.

Eileen said...

Funny and heartwarming because it's so true. Neat poem!