Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fishie Sketch

Fish sketch done on Ustream. approx. 18X24


Kimber said...

Love your fish Dede! You did a great job! Looks kinda like my fish - check it out at
if you have a minute.

Felicia said...

Ok this post so needs som Reggae music playing with it lol. He just looks so laid back and "cool" lol

inki said...

Kimber, yes, he does!

Felicia, lol!

Thanks for comments!

Frankie said...

Hi Dede. You are very creative. I usually do not do that sort of art work but I like watching you. I am hoping you will rub off on me and maybe I can relax and open myself up to other things. :)

Karen (Kare) StClair said...

DeDe, such a pretty fish! Please see the video about your Art and Coffee Show at:
Thanks for letting me play, Kare
(pronounced like care) :)

leigh said...

your fish is so cool! Wish I could make one like that.