Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13, Spring Break Over

Spring break with the grandkids last week...more artwork soon.


kathy said...

Hello - it has been along time since we met - at the scrapbook show in Gwinnett -- trading atc's == I live in Covington name is Kathy < was searching my names for a lost address and found you again --- I love your art work - have visited
Just Let me Scrapbook a few times( because you and CAKES ?? all i know ?- mentioned it - window is marvelous -- need to go there again -- love to stamp ,so not much available anymore and altered art -funny I bought the K and co . (Since my name is Kathy =- was perfect shelves for my art room )also from our local store out of business - have two -- how did you get your books like that on the second shelf ???- Jorgramm == blog - sorry not very up to date -- Thanks < KAthy

inki said...

Hi Kathy, I remember you from convention. Thanks for stopping by blog! The K and Co bookcase is one of two I bought from a going out of biz sale locally. The front section of that one is made for facing out product and has slats that books fit in nicely. :)

annie said...

haha!!! great!