Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18, Just Let Me Scrapbook

Went to Mary Beth's store "Just Let Me Scrapbook" today and did her front window and took some pics.
Mary Beth.
Mary Beth and her friend...heheh

Sales Associate Kelly.

Mary Beth and one of her reps.


June ONeal said...

Deeds! I am SO sad I wasn't there today to watch you "work your magic" in our store window yet again! You are SO incredibly talented, gifted and GENEROUS with both your time and your insights. I wish you all the best in ABUNDANCE!

Love, June

Loretta said...

Oh, what a great job! That would be so much fun. It looks beautiful and very enticing - which I guess is the whole idea!

inki said...

hehehe June, we have our days of play too!

Loretta..thanks! yes, window dressing is fun!