Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feb. 20, Scrapbooks

For my scrapbook friends.

Some of my 12x 12 three-ring
albums and a couple 8x8 post bounds.
Some of the 3 inch thick ones
have 60 double pages in them.
(120 LO's)


Julie said...

Holy Cow! That is a lot of scrapbooking, girl! How long have you been scrappin? I've been scrapbooking about 9 years...but I don't think I have as many as you! :)

inki said...

lol Julie, those are about 4-5 years worth.

Cin said...

no wonder you're so good at design! you've had a LOT of practice :) these must be such fun to look back through, both for the memories and to see how your design skills change over time

inki said...

yes, cin..it is fun to see the changes AND the memories.

Dona said...

Wish you lived in San Antonio. Your mom could use some help or suggestions.

inki said...

heheheh..um..well, mom could CALL