Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4, Pumpkin Doodles

"Doodles" challenge for:
Doodles on black and white pumpkin photos.
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Kim (a.k.a. mom, wife, sis., & berly) said...

this is absolutely gorgeous! what a great inspiration!

Julie said...

Dede...this is so fun! What a creative idea! Maybe I will try that with pumpkins. Did you draw right on the photos, or are they printed on paper or something?

inki said...

The photos are printed on photo paper..just some pumpkins I took pics of at the farmers market, and I printed out in black and white, and painted/doodled on. As long as you don't over water them, just about any paint..watercolor or acrylic will work.
Thanks kim and Julie.

Loretta said...

This is the coolest thing! I absolutely must do this and I have just the small pumpkin on my desk waiting for me.

Wait - I see that you did it on photos of the pumpkins! Much more clever. I was wondering what ink you were using to get such a great line.

Much easier, now. Shall print some out today.

inki said...

loretta, I just used permanent markers on this one..prisma color markers and sharpies. :)

Ann(i)e said...

Oh my goodness, that's amazing!!! I've been looking at it for about five minutes now, just mesmerized! Love it!!

inki said...

Thanks Annie.

Cin said...

fantastic Dede, the drawn patterns on these are perfectly wonderful! great on the photo, wonder how it might look for real?