Sunday, March 12, 2006

March 12, H2O's

Two sample 4x4's and a 6x6 using spackling and Twinkling H2O's watercolors for a couple groups asking about using these. Posted by Picasa


Nick said...

Oh Dede, I agree. That Swan is awesome. You did a very good job. The two smaller ones are extremely well done as well. Now.....make some ATC's like those!!

inki said...

heheh Nick..might just do that. ;)

Julie said...

So did you paste the images on and then do the spackling compound around them. And then watercolor on top of that when it was dry? I have never seen this done and would love to try it. Can you explain your technique here a little?
And by the way I love these! And I would definitely love to see some ATCs like them.

Cin said...

oh like the top two especially! unsure, but these are images on top of spackling and watercolored?

Cheryl said...

What a great effect, Dede. beautiful

inki said...

Julie and cin, yes..on heavy chipboard, or something thick enough to hold the spacking..paste any image you like, or text, or papers. With a pallette knife add spackle and keep it kinds think for texture. Sand a bit after dry any areas you want smoothed or thinned out. I used Twinkling H2O watercolor cakes that come is separate little jars. Made by this company:
After that dries, I add a coat of gloss varnish for shine and to protect the spackle and paint. Glad you like them..give them a try sometime. :)

inki said...

"With a pallette knife add spackle and keep it kinda thick for texture"


Valerie said...

Absolutely beautiful. What do you mean by spackling?

inki said...

Valerie..the thick stuff you use to plug nail holes and cracks in walls. :)

christinemm said...

Love everything about these, the colors, the texture and the compositions!!!