Saturday, February 18, 2006

Book front. I took the metal piece off and gold leafed under it, then glued it back on. Posted by Picasa


Julie said...

Dede-What a cool book...It looks like alot of pages to fill though! I love how you added the gold under the metal and the keys on the bookmark. Way cool.
Make sure you post your drawings too! I want to see what kind of things you put in this awesome book!

Linda said...

I think I started to get this book, too, but was a little intimidated by the thickness! Please let us know how the paper does with pen and pencil, though. Quite a beautiful book, and I love your addition of a book mark.

inki said...

Julie..will do!
Linda..will do too!

Budwham said...

Love the display! It looks like it would be a great journal to log entries on a long trip, such as a drive from Texas to Alaska!

inki said...

LOL Bud..we already have one of those..hehe

Anonymous said...

Yah! definitely be sure to post drawings.....colored pencil drawings.....with detailed descriptions of the process

**looks at his calendar and notes the first DIP (drawing in progress) entry is a little late**


inki said...

LOL semi..drawing all the stages and stopping to scan each, then post here, then start up again, yikes..lots of time involved ..we'll see.